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The Peavey,Peverel&var Surname Project


The Peavey/Peverel/Pavely project is designed to establish the common ancestor(s) of a set of phonetically related surnames of the type: PEVEREL, PEAVEY, PEVERLEY, PAVELY, PAVEY and PAULE. This will enable us to overcome brick walls in connecting different branchesThe origins of these surnames are of interest because they are often strong geographic associations, e.g in the 1800s: PEAVEY is much rarer in England than in the USA, PAVELY/PAVELEY is strongly associated with Essex/Herts (England), PEVERLEY/PEVERLY & PEVERELL is associated with Durham & Northumberland areas. There is evidence for name changes from PEVEREL to PEVERLY to PEAVEY etc. Many PEAVEYs in the USA claim descent from a Sir John PEVERLY/PEVEREL who was an early immigrant who died in 1631 in New England. A second interest in these surnames is the frequent claims of descents from wealthy PEVERELL ancestors, with Royal connections, going back to the 11th Century and even possibly being descendants of William the Conquerer.We are searching for any male-line descendants bearing these surnames, or close variants who are willing to participate in the project by giving a simple sample for analysis. Others can also participate either by locating volunteers for samples, or by contributing to the Project funding ( this can be done at this webpage: ).For advice as to which test is appropriate, or any other questions, please contact the Group Administrator



Other surnames in Project

Paule, Paveley, Pavely, Paverley, Paverly, Pavey, Pavy, Peaveley, Peavely, Peavey, Peavy, Peuerel, Peverel, Peverell, Peveril, Peverley, Peverly, Pevey, Pevley, Pevy, Sans Peur

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