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The Petticrew Surname Project


Most members of the Petticrew family in America are descended from the immigrant brothers, James and David Petticrew who came to Hanover Township, Lancaster County, PA shortly before the War for Independence. The main purpose of this DNA project is to use genetic evidence from living family members to corroborate the history of the family that has been discovered or inferred from research of available records. We also welcome data from those of you who descend from other ancestors, of whom we are presently ignorant, such as other lines in the British Isles. We also hope to find some differences in the y-chromosome markers from different branches of the family that can be used to distinguish the branch to which a particular individual belongs.Finally, we hope to show if we are related to any of the various lines of Pettigrews, especially the descendants of G. Washington Pettigrew (1801-1877) since we believe his father was William, eldest son of immigrant James Petticrew



Other surnames in Project

Hughes, Petticrew, Pettigrew

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