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The Pettit Surname Project


This project was established in 2008 to determine the DNA haplotypes of Petit family lines worldwide. Other sub goals include the determination of Pettit, Petit, etc. DNA haplotypes of historical lines 1) Historical Petit lineages to England with Norman the Conqueror or in later migrations from Normandy and other regions of France. 2) Regional lineage haplotypes of British Petit lines 3) Regional lineage haplotypes in Ireland 4) DNA haplotypes of the medeval races of Petits of France - the ?Petits des molines? and the Petits of the Swamps in all countries and regions there in. 5) To facilitate research of lines in various countries to their origins using DNA for fragmented lines back to the immigrants and to provide regional DNA types for studies of emigrants origins. 6) We support an encourage mtDNA testing as part of this project. Many projects don't because it is harder to understand genealogical relationships. In all actuality it can be one of the most powerful of the simples tests to use in connection to identifying ancestry of lines with possible mixed up cousins, second marriages at unknown times etc.



Other surnames in Project

Peteet, Peti, Petit, Petite, Petitt, Petti, Pettit, Pettitt, Petty, Petyt, Poteet

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