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The Phillips-America Surname Project


Phillips Born in the U.S.A. This Phillips - America DNA Project is for any Phillips born in the United States of America. This DNA project is an attempt to establish the characteristics of the DNA profile for the surname Phillips. >>> Any Phillips male born in the United States of America is invited to participate. Only individuals born of the male sex having their surname from their father (NOT mother)should apply for this specific project. Only one immediate family member need actually take the DNA test. As all brothers would share the same DNA results. >>> I encourage all of you to also have the mtDNA analysis done as well, or as soon after as possible. Many individuals go a life time not understanding their full physical makeup because they have only looked at half their own genenetic's (only their DNA from their father, leaving the mtDNA profile from their mother undiscovered). >>> DNA analysis from both father and mother is also fital for complete genealogical tracing and verification. With this DNA project, a Philllips genealogy tree has been started already and is still growing. With the participation of everyone in this DNA project they can possibly find further genealogical details as well if their DNA finds a match in this project. Contact the Administrator if your DNA finds a match in this project as your DNA may match the genealogical research already conducted; saving you allot of time and gaining allot of family history to booth! >>> For you girls, please share this project information with any Phillips male relatives so they might consider this project. It is through these male relatives you can connect yourself to the Phillips DNA and genealogy research. >>> If you would like to be of the initial grouping of men to establish the Phillips DNA here in America please apply for your test to be conducted under this Surname Project: PHILLIPS-AMERICA. >>> I would like and request for you to share your results with me directly. Your privacy will be kept and contact request between kit# members will be protected.



Other surnames in Project

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