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The Phy Surname Project


Phy is a fairly unusual name. Is it a shortened version of a longer name like Physick, Phimister or Phyland? Is it German? Is it Irish, Scottish, Sicilian or Andalusian? Most of us have had little success in discovering the origin of our Phy surname. If your research has left you with lots of questions, perhaps DNA testing would help. We are inviting any male with the surname Phy or any variation, i.e., Fy, Phie, MacPhie, MacFie, etc. to join our surname DNA project. If you are female, perhaps a father, brother, uncle, or cousin could take the test. Several Phys appeared in North Carolina in the mid-1750s and migrated sometime before 1800 to Tennessee (around present day Putnam County) and then spread west to ? Missouri, Kansas, Oregon, Arizona, and California. Another Phy researcher has just received her uncle?s DNA results, and has her Phy genealogy back to Pennsylvania and then back to Germany around the time of the American Revolution! Several Phys came into New York around 1740. We would like to know if our Phy ancestors have similar DNA to your Phy ancestors. This can be a great opportunity to further our research. Remember that the more people who take the test, the more opportunities we have to find a match.



Other surnames in Project

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Join the Phy surname project

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