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The Picton Surname Project


The Picton Surname Project is aimed to unite together all those Picton descendants who have origins in Wales. It also aims to explore the origins of the surname and to continue to use the advances in DNA technology to advance the understanding of migration patterns of the family into Wales. It also hopes to establish the orgins and family of the Picton family of Rudbaxton into which Sir Thomas Picton (1758-1815) is related. It also seeks to encourage research into records in Wales and elsewhere to help substantiate the clues provided by the DNA results and to place family members in an appropriate historical context. There is also some more limited information on the Picton surname and variants with a non-Welsh origin. These include some families in Monmouthshire, who link back to villages in Buckinghamshire, and some North Wales families in counties like Flintshire, who link back into other families in Cheshire and Lancashire. Families from Wales comprise approximately 1/3 of the BMD entries for the surname. Detailed statistics are still being compiled. Whilst nearly all Picton BMDs, 1837-2005/6 have been entered, the Pickton spelling variation, comprising some 10% of the numbers of Picton entries, have still to be properly counted and indexed. A website is available in the USA: Another is under construction at the time of writing (2011). Brian Picton Swann



Other surnames in Project

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