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The Pidcock/Pitcock Surname Project


PIDCOCK/PITCOCK or similar surnamed men are invited to join the Y-Chromosome based DNA tests. We are currently investigating 20 Pidcock/Pitcock mysteries. Here are a few:1. We've found several Pidcocks/Pitcocks lines from Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire, England. Some are Anglo-Saxon & some are Celt. Which family is yours? 2. In the late 17th and early 18th century in the American colonies there is mention of William, John, Emanuel, Benjamin and Robert in the Buck Co, PA and across the Delaware, in Hunterdon & Burlington Co. NJ area. Are these individuals related? 3. Can we recognize, genetically, different migrations of our family, trace their paths and help modern day PIDCOCKS / PITCOCKS and similar surnamed individuals place themselves in our family tree? 4. Jonathan Pidcock (1729-1812) married Anky. Was Anky a Lenape Indian? They had two daughters: Phoebe (B.10/10/1759) who married Kitchen and Charity (B.~1760) who married Pittinger. Can we trace a matrilineal line to answer this question (mitochondrial test)?



Other surnames in Project

however, Pidcock, Pidcoe, Pitcock

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