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The Pierssens Surname Project


Also Piessens,Pissens,Spiessens,Pierssene. The purpose of this Project is to prove the relatedness between different (s)Pi(e)(r)ssens families present in the past and today in The Netherlands and in Belgium. Most of the oldest genealogical information available through Parish Registers and other document, dated from the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th century, has been explored. So many families with small Surname variations were present in a particular region (East Flanders in Belgium and Zeeuws Flanders in The Netherlands) that we are convinced that some of them are related. The main families identified are on our website and comments about their history are generally available. If we can prove the relatedness between different identified family trees, with DNA testing, we can validate existing research and/or focus on specific documents to complete our knowledge of some family trees. All information will be shared with the persons participating to this Project. 12 markers tests are sufficient to determine whether or not two persons and the family trees they belong to are genetically related. If they match 12/12 or 11/12 an upgrade to 37 is recommended.



Other surnames in Project

Almeida, Borem, Brashear, Pierssene, Pierssens, Piessens, Pissens, Spiessens

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