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The Plant Surname Project


All Plant-like names are invited to participate. A simple Y-DNA37 test for example would show whether you match with the main English Plant family and indicate your place in the Plant family tree. Instead, a Y-DNA12 test simply indicates whether you belong to this or some other family. It is often a good idea to start with a Y-DNA12 test as there is sometimes no point in upgrading to the 37 test later. If you are, for example, an English or USA male Plant, there is about 50% chance that you will be found to belong to the main English Plant family, which descends from the early spelling Plante or Plonte or Plente. It would be interesting, for example, to test whether the name Plenty (perhaps originally Plente) also descends from the same family. An early English Plant(e) was from the French Alps and results would be of interest for the noble Swiss family Planta/Von Planta; also, for a French Plantard or Plante or Planty family. The DNA signature of the main English Plant family does not match with that of a French-Canadian Plante family (for whom there are 10 results so far) or someone with the spelling Plants (1 result so far): these are hence genetically distinct and unrelated. There have been changes down the centuries between various spellings such as Plant and Plantt. Two English Plants from south Lincolnshire match one another but are not from the main English Plant family. Early Plants, though scattered, were near various de Warenne lands, and there have been claims that the surnames Warren and Waring descend from the de Warenne Plantagenets who were (like the Somersets) illegitimate descendants of count Geffrey Plante Genest. However, it seems so far that, unlike Plant, Warren and Waring are multi-origin names lacking matches. The Somersets also might not be intact male-line descendants from (all of) the Plantagenets. By participating, you will be able to compare your own result with this growing body of information, potentially putting you in touch with your closest male-line relatives. For further details, see: or



Other surnames in Project

de La Planta, de La Plante, Du Plant, La Plante, Plant, Planta, Plantade, Plantadis, Plantagenet, Plantamour, Plantard, Plante, Planter, Planterose, Plantie, Plantier, Plantinet, Plants, Planty, Plaunt, Plente, Plenty, Somerset, Von Planta, Warren

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