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The Pople Surname Project


Research Pople surname originating in the United Kingdom. "POPILLIA GENS, plebeian. In manuscripts the name is sometimes written with one L, and sometimes with two ; but as it always appears with a double L in the Capitoline Fasti, this form is to be preferred. There are no coins to decide the question ; for those which Goltzius has published, are spurious. The Popillia gens is one of the great plebeian gentes that rose into eminence after the passing of the Licinian laws, which threw open the consulship to the plebeian order. The first member of it who obtained the consulship was M. Popillius Laenas, in u c. 359, and he was the first plebeian who obtained the honour of a triumph. The only family of the Popillii mentioned under the republic, is that of Laenas." Source: Smith, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology > v.3, page 496 Praenomina commonly used by members of this gens in ancient times were Gaius, Marcus, and Publius. POPLE Etymology: 'one who lived at the popple-tree' (into English as ?poplar? (n): mid-14c.,, from Anglo-French popler, classified as Anglo-Norman from the Modern French ?peuplier?: 13c.,), from the Old French ?pueple?, from the Latin ?populus ? a poplar tree (with a long "o" not the same word that produced popular, see the Piazza Popolo)?, the ultimate origin is unknown; perhaps from Etruscan or related to the Greek "pelea"/??????/"elm"). In Minnesota about 1900, 'poples' was a common term for poplar trees. In Italian pioppo, Spanish chopo, German pappel, Old Church Slavonic topoli all are from Latin." Y-DNA Haplogroup J-M205 Channel: Pople Family Association - PFA Website: Source: Online Etymology Dictionary

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