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The Porth Surname Project


Adam Porth was born 22 Apr 1644 in Gierschnach, in the Rheinland-Pfalz area of Germany. He was the son of Johann Porth and Katharina Kuntzer. During his lifetime, private landownership by the general population was not allowed. However, a person could receive the title of Burghofmann, and hold a lease to a farm or land under the landlord. These were honored titles that were usually inherited. From 1681 until his death on 19 Jun 1702, Adam held the lease to großer kurfürstlicher Burghof at Gierschnach. This title continued to be passed down through the family. Heinrich Porth (born 8 May 1798) came to the USA to New York in 1848 and arrived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1852. He was the youngest son and youngest child of Johann Porth (1749), son of Johannes (1718), son of Johannes (1689), son of Adam. All of Heinrich's Porth ancestors were born in Gierschnach. Heinrich was married to Barbara Welsch in 1825 in Gappenach, Germany. They were the parents of 11 children, all born in Gappenach, Germany. Many of the descendants of Heinrich Porth and Barbara Welsch still reside in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area today. Heinrich's much older brother, Johann Joseph Porth (1778) was married 2 times. The youngest son and youngest child of Johann Joseph Porth and 2nd wife, Catharina Hurter, was Karl Porth (b. 1830 in Naunheim, Germany). Karl Porth immigrated to the USA in 1854. He was married first to Bernadine Passach and 2nd to the widow Theresa Bumann Schmitz. Four children by 1st wife and 7 children by 2nd wife. His numerous descendants live in Iowa, Oregon and elsewhere. All men with the surname Porth and variant spellings of Port, Portz, are invited to join. Please email the administrator your male Porth lineage, going back to your earliest known Porth ancestor. We recommend the Y DNA 37 marker test. Check out our public website link for additional information and project updates, or email the Porth administrator.



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