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The Poythress Surname Project


The Poythress/Poytress surname seems to come from England at least as early as early-1600s. Our common ancestor appears to be John (of Newent, Gloucestershire). His son Francis (christened in 1609) appears to be the Francis Poythress who arrived in America by 1632 as an agent for a London merchant. A younger son of John's, Christopher (christened in 1616), stayed in England and has descendants there and further abroad today. <br><br>Our study is interested in Poythress/Poytress (or similar) surnamed participants from the various families. Results from Y-DNA testing will help all of us as we try to determine exactly how we are related, and can give us better clues on where more traditional research sources might document those relationships. <br><br>Interested females are welcome to contact the Group Administrator for help in locating an appropriate male in your Poythress or Poytress line to encourage to participate in the study.



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Poythress, Poytress

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