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The Pr-more Surname Project


Site for Pridmore, Prigmore, Predmore and Pridemore surnames. Common USA ancestor was John Pridmore. John settled in New Jersey in the 1680's, his son Benjamin was apparently dyslexic and his childrens names ended up with four different spellings as show in our surnames.The family tree now includes over 5,000 surnamed decendents in America. It is believed John Pridmore came from England and was a decendent of French Hugenouts. There are a number of branches of the Pridmore family in England; however, we are currently unaware of any that trace their ancestry back before the mid 1600's. The DNA markers to date suggest the ancestry is more likely German and French; however, that border has shifted a number of times and the fact is we are still guessing. This project is about finding enough men with the ancestry to try to locate the distribution of the family around the world and to try to locate the origination point for the family. Please visit the Pr-more Family Association website for additional information on this Surname.



Other surnames in Project

Predmore, Pridemore, Pridmore, Prigmore

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