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The Presbury Surname Project


PRESBURY/PRESSON/PRESTON DNA PROJECT -- [:CR:] It is our objective to confirm available information regarding descendants of the early immigrants, surname Presbury (Presbrey, Presby, Presbry, and other variants), to the colonies. Much of the genealogical information we seek to confirm was previously compiled and published. We begin with five known clusters of early families, outlined below. The initial phase of the project includes a focus on testing those believed descended of William Presbury/Presson/Preston of Saco, then Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts to determine how DNA might help to distinguish descendants of his line from those of the other early New England Preston immigrants. [:CR:] The five known early family clusters: 1) SANDWICH/SACO: John Presbury of Sandwich is the earliest known of the surname in this country; he was buried at Sandwich 19 May 1648 leaving widow Katherine who later married Richard Chadwell, perhaps a shipwright of Saugus. Some authorities believe John Presbury of Sandwich is the father of John Prebury of Saco. For purpose of the cluster, we have grouped the early families of Sandwich and Saco together. Descendants were Presbury, Presson, and Preston, and variants thereof. This cluster includes the families descended of William Presbury m. Priscilla Randall who were known early at Saco, and who removed to Beverly where they were known as Presson and Preston. (Reference: Libby, _Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire_.) 2) TAUNTON: These families usually trace their roots to William Presbrey of London, England who settled at Taunton. Spelling usually Presbrey or Presby. (Reference: Joseph Waite Presby, _William Presbrey of London, England, and Taunton, Mass. and his descendants, 1690-1918_ (Rutland, Vermont: Tuttle Co., 1918). 3) BALTIMORE: These families usually trace their roots to Joseph Presbury b. c1641 of Blackfriars, England. The spelling is almost always Presbury. 4) BRADFORD (New Hampshire): There were four by the name early of Bradford, --Deacon William Presbury, generally considered the first settler of Bradford, and also Nathaniel, James, and Joseph. The latter three men came to live at Chester, now Auburn. Sometimes as Presby or Presbry. 5) PORTSMOUTH (New Hampshire): These families generally trace their roots to Nathanial Presbury said of Blackfriars, London, England. Nathaniel married Parthenia Benson 1726 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The spelling is generally Presbury.



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Presbrey, Presbry, Presbury, Presby, Presson

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