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The Prunty Surname Project


Welcome to the Y-DNA surname project for Bronte, Brunty, O'Proinntigh, O'Pronntaigh, O'Pronty, O'Prontye, O'Prounty, Prenty, Printy, Prontoch, Prunto, Pruntoch and last but not certainly not least Prunty which I will use when talking about all surnames collectively unless I state otherwise. The Pruntys have been documented in Ireland and Scotland as far back as the 16th century. My personal haplogroup has turned out to be I-L22 which is not the most abundant haplogroup of the natives of the Emerald and British isles, actually it is Norse and with the most recent common ancester being in South Denmark / North Germany 3,000 years ago. However, more Prunty participants are needed to discover if all the Pruntys are indeed descendant from the Scandinavian vikings or the Normans or elsewhere. There are many theories about our ancestry, all of which I'm sure we'd love to hear. I've included some which I know of and reflected a little on them and some on-going research within the project. I will never discard a theory which lacks 'proof' as a lack of proof is not disproof and Murphy's law ensures endless possibilities but DNA and historical evidence will give more weight to our most likely journey in the end, which incidentally we are still on. Descendants of all Pruntys especially the 16th century Pruntys who left Ireland and Scotland for the British colonies, Australia and the Carolinas, descendants of Pat Prunty who arrived in San Francisco California in 1852 and Peter Prunty who settled in Philadelphis Pa. in 1856 not to mention the 1798 founders of Pruntytown, John & David Prunty in West Virginia and the descendants of close cousins of the sisters and their father who are revered across the world for their literary accomplishments and after whom Haworth, West Yorkshire, England is known as Brontës Country, this project aims to have a gathering.



Other surnames in Project

Bronte, Brunty, O'Proinntigh, O'Pronntaigh, O'Pronty, O'Prontye, O'Prounty, Prenty, Printy, Prontoch, Prunto, Pruntoch, Prunty

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