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The Pullinger Surname Project


People with the PULLINGER surname or a variant are invited to participate in this PULLINGER Surname DNA Project. Females may encourage or sponsor a PULLINGER male relative such as father, brother, uncle or cousin to test. The objectives of this project are to : ? break down brickwalls in your PULLINGER family history research ? discover how your PULLINGER ancestors are related to other families with the PULLINGER surname ? discover how the different PULLINGER family lines are related worldwide ? provide leads for those PULLINGER living in the USA, Australia and South Africa to link up and reach back across the pond ? discover which PULLINGER researchers are able collaborate their family history research because their DNA results show that they share a common PULLINGER ancestor Group discount prices are available as listed below. Testing within this group will provide you with a significant saving compared to the standard FTDNA prices listed on the Products button at the top of this page. We encourage males with the surname (or an interest in the surname) Pullinger to take the most comprehensive Y-DNA test that suits their budget. A minimum of the Y-DNA37 marker test is recommended as the best value for money.



Other surnames in Project

Bullinger, Pillinger, Pollinger, Pullenger, Pullinger

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