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The Quin,Quinn,Cuinn Surname Project


The CUINN (Irish) and QUINN (Anglicized) surname project is an ever expanding genetic genealogy research project focused on identifying associated, allied and kindred families. There are many factors to consider when attempting to trace your lineage back before the 18th century that are not common today. These factors include how names were represented in the many source documents that do not relate to a particular spelling as we enjoy today. In fact, much like the southern United States, dialect and level of education expose differences in spelling, much the same way as they were in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England before and during the Irish Confederate Wars. One aspect of our project uses Y-Chromosome testing for your true paternal lineage. Therefore the Y-DNA sample must be provided by a male with an unbroken CUINN, QUINN, or O'QUINN descent... this is your father's, father's, father's, father's DNA lineage... Both females and males can use mtDNA testing to research and verify their maternal lineage... this would be your mother's, mother's, mother's, mother's DNA lineage... Both males and females can also use Autosomal DNA testing (the Family Finder DNA test) to research for possible 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or possible 5th cousin relationships. This DNA test can also confirm very close relationships such half siblings, parents, children, aunts/uncles, and more. *** Note: Sometimes a combination of various test or the testing of several members within a range of your know family, can increase your knowledge of the area which interest your DNA studies.



Other surnames in Project

Cuin, Cuinn, Mac Quin, Mac Quinn, Mackquein, Mackquien, MacQuein, MacQuin, MacQuinn, Mc Cuin, Mc Cuinn, Mc Quin, Mc Quinn, McCuen, McCuin, McCuinn, McQuin, McQuinn, Ó Cuin, Ó Cuinn, Ó Quin, Ó Quinn, O'Cuin, O'Cuinn, O'Quein, O'Quin, O'Quinn, Ocuin, Ocuinn, Oquin, Oquinn, Quein, Quien, Quin, Quinn

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