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The Rapparlie Surname Project


This project is to determine if the various families with similar or derivative spellings to the name of Rapparlie are indeed related, and if the various families in Germany are related to each other. There are two legends of family origin, one being that they were French Royalty, one says French Huguenots, one tells that they were from Spain and probably more unknown stories. We hope to shed light on these various stories and see if the families represented by these stories are related. Several lines have been identified and we are actively seeking European Rapparlies to test. Initially the project was focused on Y-line DNA only, but more recently with the advent of the Family Finder test, we welcome all Rapparlie descendants and will group them according to ancestral line. Very few, if any, group e-mails will be sent through the project. To keep current with genetic genealogy information, please subscribe to the blog, by clicking on the small grey "follow" button on the right side of the page. Not everyone appreciates e-mails from project administrators, and taking a blog approach allows people who are interested to subscribe without bothering those who aren't. So, please, subscribe to keep current.



Other surnames in Project

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