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The Remington Surname Project


Welcome to the Remington surname group (see prices below). There are multiple spelling variants to this name, but the common modern spelling of this surname is Remington. Our objective is to link the several lines of the Remington family in the United States and determine common origin locations within England. If anyone knows a male using the Remington surname, please refer them to this site to join our group. We currently have seven (7) male line Remington surname participants that are a close match within Haplogroup I1 and likely descended from John Remington of Rowley, Mass. 1637, probably via Lund or Lockington, Yorkshire, England and remingtons who lived in that area for many genearations (possibly back to at least 1367 in Raskelfe Gate, and perhaps related to Archbishop of York Matthew Hutton's wife who was a Remington. Three (3) Remington surname users are presently classified as Haplogroup R1b1a2, but may have some deviation in descent between 5 and 7 generations back with other close surname variants reported - so the source of that surname consistency needs more research. Several of the I1 Haplogroup can trace the surname use back to Manlius, NY and with more work on Illustrious Remington likely back to the Warwick,R.I./Conn./Mass. line that supposedly descended from a Lt. John Remington who landed initially in Newbury, Massachusetts in 1637, then settled in Rowley, Mass. and then descendants to RI and Connecticut. This John may be the common ancestor to many of the Remington surname users in America. He and his wife and two sons are thought to have arrived about 1637 from the Garrowby/Lund/Lockington/Rowley area of Yorkshire, England. Some of the Remington family history in the Yorkshire area for the 1500-1600s refers to this family name and hints at possible religious disputes and Puritan sympathies that may have led to America. This early Americas line was later involved in some witch trials in Mass. and may be related to the Remington line that appears in the late 1600s in the Salem County, southern New Jersey and possibly Charlestown, SC (although that may have been an immigrant Remington lawyer from Philadelphia who left about 1730s to SC). Once this line got into Conn., RI (Jamestown) and NY they spread out quite rapidly west by the 1800s.



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