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The Riddell/Riddle/Ruddl Surname Project


RIDDELL, RIDDLE, RUDDLE, RIDLEY (or a similar spelling) men are welcome. In actual fact, it can be irrelevant as to your surname. It is the Y-DNA matching that is important - so if you wish to join, please do so and I shall come back to you after the event. Women are also encouraged to join this Y-DNA project but it will be necessary to get their natural father (or paternal grandfather), or a son of their father (or a full brother of their father) to test on their behalf. It will be their Y-DNA that will be used. It is recommended at the outset that you consider ordering the Y-67 test - you will get a better result for matching with others. Testing at less than 67 will reduce your chance of success, but upgrades are always possible if funds do not permit this at present. The Y-12 test is ok if you are merely curious, but useless for genealogical matching. In addition, please consider getting your Haplogroup confirmed - this is done by taking a 'deep-clade' test. It is the result of this test that enables me to immediately pin-point the 'branch' of these families represented here, in which you 'fit'. (Note that as at August 2012, I no longer encourage 'Deep Clade testing as there is a new test awaiting... but more on that when it is launched). From there, reliance is placed on my own years of genealogy research into the Roxburgh RIDDELLs plus the research that other project members are able (or willing) to supply. In other words, this is a surname project which intends to break down those 'brick-walls' wherever possible. And your participation and provision of your research will contribute enormously to this achievement.



Other surnames in Project

Riddel, Riddell, Riddle, Ridley, Ruddell, Rydel, Ryedale

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If you want to join the Riddell/Riddle/Ruddl project please order your DNA test here.

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