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The Rinberg Surname Project


The Rinberg Surname DNA Project was created to determine which Rinberg lineages share a common ancestor. The Project includes the surname variants Rinberg, Rynberg, Rimberg, Rymberg, Reenberg, Reinberg, and Roomberg among families of Eastern European Jewish origin. In many of the families studied, various spellings of these names were used interchangeably. For simplicity, the spelling ?Rinberg? is used on this webpage to include all spelling variations. These surnames are also found in the Netherlands and in Scandinavia, and people with those heritages are also welcome to participate. BACKGROUND Genealogical records from the late 19th and early 20th centuries show that these uncommon surnames were concentrated in particular locations in what was then the Russian Empire, among them: The Brest Region of Belarus (towns of Bereza, Ivanovo, and Kobrin) Odessa, Nikolayev, and Lvov in the Ukraine Szydlowiec, Warsaw, and Lodz, Poland This geographic clustering makes it likely that there are relationships between various families with the same or similar surnames. Yet the links between branches have often been lost as a result of emigration, name changes, document destruction, and of course the Holocaust. From my own research, I have good documentation about my great-grandfather, Meir Nissan Rinberg of Bereza. Yet I know nothing about any of his siblings, and families in those days tended to be quite large. The same situation is true for other Rinberg genealogists whom I?ve contacted over the years. Once you go back a few generations, we don?t know the names of siblings for the generation born around 1865. DNA testing can help us identify which branches are linked. This can help us re-establish family connections for those who are interested in doing so. It can also help us reconstruct the stories of diaspora and understand our families? history in a new light. Today, descendants of these Rinberg and surname-variant families live in the USA, Canada, Argentina, the UK, and Israel. In addition to the original surnames, there are individuals named Ring and Greenberg who are descended from Rinberg roots.



Other surnames in Project

Reenberg, Reinberg, Rimberg, Rinberg, Roomberg, Rymberg, Rynberg

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