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The Rivera Surname Project


Also visit: project is currently on an early stage. DNA testing is something new for most of us and requires time, research, and (most important) people. By joining this project, you are not only fulfilling a personal goal of knowledge. But helping a greater amount of people to understand the provenance of this worldwide spread (WWS) surname. All of us RIVERA have, but not limited to, different backgrounds, histories, origins, beliefs and cultures. We are all around the world communicating and spreading our genes 24/7 in a remarkable pace.In my case, my ancestors RIVERA spend their last 300 to 400 years in the island of Puerto Rico. I can say with confidence that almost everyone in Puerto Rico have an ancestors who?s surname is RIVERA.The new DNA technology is now at our hands and is there to help us understand a little bit more WHO we are and where our direct fathers and mothers came from. Is in our selves, is part of US.Hope to hear from you soon,Edgar R. Rivera



Other surnames in Project

De Ribera, De Rivera, Ribeira, Rivera

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