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The Rodd-Rudd Surname Project


This project has been created and modified to attempt to answer the question: Are families with Rodd and Rudd related, and did they give rise to other similar surnames such as Roddy and Ruddy? By casting a wide yDNA net, the project hopes to prove or disprove this kind of surname evolution, as well as help establish historical roots for all the connected surnames. It is limited to yDNA (direct male line only), as the female mtDNA will not be conclusive with the goals of the project. There is some evidence that the Rudd name may have evolved from Rud, and eventually spawned the related surnames of Rudde, and eventually Ruddie or Ruddy. The linkage of Rod -> Rodd -> Rodde -> Roddie or Roddy is not nearly so clear. Hopefully comparisons of these possibly related surnames in this project will shed light on the origins and relationships between these families while also helping to establish groupings of unrelated branches within each surname.



Other surnames in Project

Rod, Rodd, Rodde, Roddie, Roddy, Rud, Rudd, Rudde, Ruddie, Ruddy

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