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The Rogers/Rodgers Surname Project


The purpose of the Rogers Surname Project is to develop a data base of Y-DNA markers that will help identify our living relatives and direct us to our ancient ancestors. To enhance this objective we have developed a web site that uniquely combines DNA evidence with family genealogies: There have been various claims as to the origination of the Rogers (and variations) surname including Welsh, German, French, Roman and Viking. To add to the confusion, there is no evidence that origin of the surname has anything to do with the origin of our ancestors. Enter DNA. Science has provided us with a way to trace our ancestry. The process relies upon comparing DNA of as many people as possible. Since we are in the early stages of genealogical DNA testing, it will take many more Rogers DNA samples to provide the base needed to answer all those pesky questions about our Rogers (Rodgers, etc) history. Your participation will add to our understanding. I hope you will encourage others, especially those with our surname, to join us in this exciting adventure into exploration of our common history. Our web site may be viewed at Rogers Surname Project Administrator, Curtis Rogers, may be reached at



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Rodgers, Roger, Rogers, Roget

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