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(new project) There are many Rowletts throughout the United States (as well as Western Europe). At the same time, there are also a few variations of spelling in the name. "Rowlett", the traditional spelling. "Rowlette", with the added "e", a misspelling that in at least one case that I know of was intentional by the family and in others might have simply been census or other record keeping errors that the family stuck with. Then there are the "single t" variations ("Rowlet" and I have even seen "Rowlete"). I have seen the "ow" changed to "ou" variation in documents, but I am uncertain if this is our line with another misspelling or a different line entirely. Did we all originate from the same French origin as the name's history and some family story are told? Or were there simply multiple unrelated families that took on this name at about the same time from the same region?



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Rowlet, Rowlete, Rowlett, Rowlette

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