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The Rozicer/Rozitski Surname Project


This project is open to those of Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, Polish and other Eastern European ancestries that border but is not limited to the present day Eastern Slovak county of Zemplin as well as nearby regions. Many people came from this region in the last quarter of the 19th century to work in the coal mines and steel mills of the Northeast, most particularly Pennsylvania and Ohio. They were a close knit community, but ties with the old country have in some cases been lost. This project attempts to find those connections. Surnames of interest are Rozicer, Rozitski, and all alternate spellings such as Russiger Ricksecker Risacher, Rosacker, Reisger, Ressegger, Ruegesgger, Rassiger, Esager, etc.. Tobias, Tobis are also associated with some of the testees as is the name Suryini, Surini, etc.



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Rozicer, Rozitski

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