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The Russo Surname Project


Hi, and welcome to the RUSSO / ROUSSO surname project! We are interested in performing y-chromosome DNA testing of people with the surname RUSSO or its common spelling variations, including ROUSSO, ROUSSEAU, RUSO, RUZO, etc., in order to look for common ancestors and common lineages. Most people with this surname had roots in Spain and Italy. Most are Catholic, but some are Sephardic Jews whose ancestors fled the Inquisition for other areas in the Mediterranean, including the Ottoman Empire. We are curious to see if we can re-link these RUSSO families into a larger and more cohesive family tree through genetic genealogy. If you are a male and your patrilineal line (that is, your father's father's father's...father's line) has the surname RUSSO or one of its spelling variants, please consider joining our project. Hopefully, you'll find a relative here. If you are a female, please ask your brother or father to take the test. Please note: we encourage prospective members of the RUSSO surname project to test at least 25 markers, or better yet test the full 37 or 67 markers. When choosing a test to order to join this project, please choose the 25, 37, or 67 marker y-chromosome DNA test. If you have already tested 12 markers, please choose to upgrade your test results to 25, 37, or 67 markers.



Other surnames in Project

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