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The Sadgrove Surname Project


As Project Administrator for the Sadgrove DNA Project, I welcome all potential participants. Any male born a SADGROVE is a potential participant as explained below. If you may be able to participate, please contact me to discuss the matter. What can a DNA test tell us? YDNA is passed, virtually without any mutation (change) down the male line of a family, that is, from father to son in each generation. When two or more brothers have male children, then the number of family branches increases. Eventually there are so many different branches that members of these do not realise that they are related, albeit distantly. YDNA tests on two or more males of the same surname may give matching results and thus show that their families are truly related. It is not possible to determine when their common ancestor lived but it can be said that he lived after the surname was first adopted, say between 1300 and 1500 AD. Participation in the Project You must be male to take part in the Project, and preferably have been born with the surname Sadgrove. If you believe there is a Sadgrove in your direct male line, although you have a different surname, you are also welcome to participate. If you are female, please encourage a male who fits one of these conditions to participate. br>



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