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The Sandhu Surname Project


This group is for anyone with the surname Sandhu / Sandu or similar, it's actually open to anyone as names change overtime for many reasons, such as fitting into the local community, changes made by invaders etc.. So if you think that there may be a connection you are welcome. There are many theories as to the origins of the name including a derivation of Alexander (the great), also known as Sikander, Skandha, kandha and others. Another is that it comes from the Persian and Sanskrit names - Sind and Hind for the area now known as India. I've included all the names I've been called over the years but feel free to let me know if you have any others to add :)



Other surnames in Project

Alaksandhu, Alaksandru, Alaksandu, Aleksandrow, Alexander, Alexandru, Andros, Hando, Handu, Sander, Sandhu, Sando, Sandor, Sandos, sandro, Sandros, sandru, Sandu, Sidhu, Sikanda, Sikander, Sikandu, Sindhu, Skandhu, Skandu, Sundo, Sundoo, xanadu, Xander, Xandhu, Xandu, Zander, Zandhu, Zando, Zandoo, zandor, Zandros, Zandu

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