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The Sauntry Surname Project


This project invites those patrilineally descended from Sauntry, Santry, and their congnates. The Irish surnames Sauntry and Santry (and, indeed, Santery, Seantry, Santrey, Shantry, Santury, and Sentry) have, historically, been interchangeable ? Sauntry/Santry is an anglicized surname ? a phonetic approximation of an earlier, Gaelic, form. Thus, individual members of the family are frequently recorded under several versions of the surname, and this not only in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century records, but until the early decades of the twentieth century. By and large, however, Santry is now by far the more common spelling in Ireland, whereas the spelling Sauntry continues to be employed by many branches of the family that live in North America.



Other surnames in Project

Santery, Santrey, Santry, Santury, Sauntry, Seantry, Sentry, Shantry

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