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The Schmidlin Surname Project


Welcome to everyone with Schmidlin or Schmiedlin surnames, or any of the many other variant spellings! In the old German-language church records, names were spelled phonetically, leading to a large variety of spellings over the years. Migration from Europe brought even more spelling variations worldwide. We are looking for any surname that begins with the Sch or S sound, followed by M, then D (or T, TH, DT), then L, then N (though this final N was sometimes dropped from the name). Any number of vowel combinations between these sounds have been seen. Please also see the list of surnames below that are currently known. If your surname does not match any of them, but follows this format, you are welcome to join the Schmidlin / Schmiedlin surname group. The Schmidlin surname is found in the earliest surviving records of Switzerland, as well as Germany (mainly the Baden-Wuerttemberg area) and France (Alsace region), along the Rhine River valley. It is suspected that the Schmidlin surname may have begun first in northwest Switzerland, and spread from there. Some variant spellings may have begun in other locations as well. DNA should give some insight into this.



Other surnames in Project

Schmedlen, Schmedlin, Schmedling, Schmidl, Schmidle, Schmidlein, Schmidlen, Schmidli, Schmidlin, Schmidling, Schmidtlin, Schmiedle, Schmiedlein, Schmiedlen, Schmiedlin, Smithlin

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