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The Schumpert/Jumper Surname Project


Welcome to the Schumpert/Jumper DNA Project. This project was originally established by Sherman E. Jumper of Eads, Tennessee, on 2 October 2006. He served for many years as the Group Project Administrator (GPA) for this project, and we will ever be grateful for his pioneering work in this area. The project's surnames and lines include the following: - New England Jumpers (descending from England) - Cumberland Pennsylvania Jumpers (descending from Germany) - Northampton Pennsylvania Jumpers (descending from Germany) - Southern Jumpers (descending from Germany) - Southern Schumperts (descending from Germany) - Midwest Tschumperts/Tschumpers (descending from Switzerland) We have two main goals in the Schumpert/Jumper DNA Project: provide all Schumperts & Jumpers with an opportunity to learn and understand their origins, and develop a DNA profile of the numerous branches and interconnections of our extended family. We hope that you will seriously consider this invitation to join our membership. We need your support and participation in order to build a comprehensive DNA profile in the Family Tree DNA archives. Remember, with this Y-Chromosome test, you can determine your paternal line and your kinship with others of the same surname. When combined with traditional research, it can help you come up with new solutions to old genealogical issues that you may want to prove or disprove.



Other surnames in Project

Jumper, Jumpert, Schamber, Schombert, Schubert, Schumbert, Schumpert, Shempert, Shumpert, Tschamper, Tschumper

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