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The Schurch Surname Project


Schürch is a Swiss German surname found before 1500 in the Emmental region of Canton Bern, Switzerland.During the 18th century, some Schürch families moved from Switzerland into Alsace, France and the Palatinate region of Germany. From there, as well as directly from Switzerland, some emigrated to North America during the 18th and 19th centuries. Many variants of the surname emerged as they moved across cultural boundaries. This study encompasses all the listed variants in the locations mentioned.This study is sponsored by the Schürch Family Association of North America, whose web link is listed above. The objectives of the study are several:1. To validate our Schürch ancestral lines that are based on paper records genealogical research.2. To clarify questions of relationship between some of our Schürch North American immigrant ancestors.3. To explore our broader origins before the existence of written church records.



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