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The Seipel Surname Project


Descended from Johann Conradt or George Heinrich Seibel? In the spring of 1749 Johann Conradt Seibel, along with Anna Eva (born Kublinger) his wife and their three young children, left Germany setting out for America. In September of that same year, the ship St. Andrew dropped anchor in the port of Philadelphia. Among those named on the ship?s list was Johann Conradt Seibel, spelled Seybel. Eleven years previous, George Heinrich Seibel left his home in Germany, and, along with Johanna Magdalena (born Boll) his wife and their two young children, also having made that remarkable journey aboard the ship Friendship, landed in the port of Philadelphia. The early records of the Christ Reformed Church at Indian Creek in Franconia Township, Philadelphia County (now Montgomery) document the two Seibel lines being at the same place at the same time in history. Family tradition holds that Johann Conradt and George Heinrich were brothers. In the words of a present-day Seipel cousin? was it more than coincidence that two Seibel families ended up at the same tiny church in the same tiny town all those years ago? Two and a half centuries later, let us find out, shall we?



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