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The Settle/Suttle Surname Project


All tested males with variants of the Settle, Suttle, Settles, Suttles (etc.) surname, together with any tested males who genetically match the above surnames, but who today carry differing surnames. If your Y-DNA results are shown here, and if you have not already done so, would you please contact your Group Administrators, and provide them with an abbreviated lineage from yourself (with your kit number), back AS FAR AS YOU CAN PROVE with documentation? If you care to speculate any farther back than what you can prove, that will be fine, but please point out the difference to us between what you can prove, and what is only guesswork. The sample format we would prefer would include, name, birth year, birth place, spouse name, etc. Be brief, but to the point. This will help not only us, your Group Administrators, but will also help those who come to this site, attempting to use this information for genealogical research. Thanks! If your surname is NOT Settle, Suttle, Suttles, or some variant thereof, then please DO NOT attempt to join this project, as it is open only to males with that surname. We are attempting to analyze ONLY the results of testing the male Y Chromosome (passed down only from father to son), and all those other genetic tests, such as "Autosomal," "Family Finder," "Mitochondrial," etc., are of much more limited use, when it comes to genealogical research. We will not and cannot help you, if you have only done one of the other types of DNA tests, without having done a Y-DNA test. Our best advice to you, in such a situation, would be, to attempt to find a male relative bearing the Settle/Suttle surname, and persuade him to do a Y-DNA 37-marker test (at a minimum). Thank you for understanding.



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Etc., Settle/Suttle, Settles, Suttles

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