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The Shankland Surname Project


All Shanklands are invited to participate in this project. The focus of this group is on the descendants of William (W?) Shankland, who arrived in Maryland around 1685. He and his 5 children soon after settled in Lewes, DE. We are very interested in any Shankland Family from Great Britain to participate to help us find our connection.The ca 1750 New York Shankland/Shanklin family is being tested with the MacGregor Surname project. News FLASH!! Ron Shankland testing with the MacGregors and I have a 23/25 match indicating an unexpected relationship. Therefore the project is now open to the Shankland/Shanklin of NY. In addition we would accept a few random Shanklins not directly related to the NY families.The project is also open to spelling variants if you feel that your family name is tied to Shankland then contact us. Thanks to an anonymous contribution the first 10 qualified tests will be paid for by the project. The surnames in this DNA Project are researched as part of the Shankland one-name study. You can learn more about this significant research, and the the associated family trees, by visiting the one-name study web site.



Other surnames in Project

Shackland, Shancland, Shankiland, Shanklan, Shankland, Shanklen, Shanklin, Shanklyn

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