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The Sheffey Surname Project


The Sheffey name has a long history in the United States going back to before the Revolutionary War. Johann Adam Scheffy arrived from Germany and soon after arrival the name was changed to Sheffey. Many of his descendents live in Virginia today. There are other lines with spellings that have modified to Sheffey and there are lines that are spelled almost the same such as Sheffy and Sherfy. Many of the Sheffey lines are hard to connect with others. Maybe they are related but is also possible some are not. There have been groups of Sheffeys in various geographical locations including Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama. and Pennsylvania. One obvious research project would be to determine if these lines are related or not. DNA research offers the possibility of settling some of these issues. I have submitted a sample for a DNA 37 analysis. Possibly this will get the ball rolling and hopefully others may be interested in being tested.



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