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The Shelkey Surname Project


Welcome to the Shelkey, Shelke, Schelke, etc Surname DNA project. The objective of this project is to perform y-chromosome DNA testing of people with the surname Shelkey, etc (or any other reasonable variations), including but not limited to the surnames listed below. The purpose therein is to look for common ancestors and common lineages regardless of how we now spell the name. The first early family member identified for this project is Abraham Shelkey who was born in Maryland in 1812 (location unknown) and later was in Bullskin Township, Fayette County, PA (1840 US Census). His family?s country of origin is unknown. The second early family member identified for this project is John Shelkey who was born in Scotland about 1821, came to the US in 1834 and later was in Fulton County, IL (1870 US Census). DNA tests show that this is a separate genetic line from Abraham above. There is some information that indicates that the Shelkey spelling could be a corruption of the original family spellings; and the other variations listed below are amoung those that could be the original. For other immigrants with one of these alternate spelling, we would like your help in identifying them and try to establish a relationship between those lines. The country of origin and ports of entry are also major objectives of this project.



Other surnames in Project

Schalke, Schelke, Schell, Schelly, Schelske, Schielke, Schilke, Schuelke, Sellke, Shakely, Shakley, Shelke, Shelkey, Skellie, Skelly

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