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The Shenton Surname Project


The SHENTON surname seems to go back quite a ways in England, possibly to the time of William the Conquerer. Published research on the web shows three parallel lines going back to 1700, with known descendants identified in most counties of England (concentrated in Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Lancashire, Cheshire and Derbyshire), many states in the U.S., and Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Africa. Additionally, there is an unconnected line in Maryland, USA, dating from the mid-1600's. An initial objective of the Project - subject to modification as new members join - is to determine if the various parallel lines actually have common ancestors, and to assist currently unconnected Shentons in determining to which of the current lines they belong. The Project will, hopefully, proceed in concert with other conventional genealogical efforts to develop and document the Shenton heritage



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