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The ShipwreckBills Surname Project


In the late 18th Century Daniels Bills was one of the only survivors of a shipwreck. He was a small child and saved by the ship's Captain Denman. Thomas Bills was living in New Jersey, but had left his son Nathaniel behind, with plans of coming later on another ship. This was the ship that sank. Nathaniel and the rest of his family were lost but it was thought that the surviving boy was his son Daniel. He was raised as a Bills, but there are indications that many of Daniel's descendants have otherwise inexplicable Middle Eastern DNA. It is possible that Daniel was not related to the Bills at all but was the son of some other family on the ship, and claimed by the Bills, in the aftermath of their loss. If we can find a male descendant from Thomas Bills not through Daniel's line and a male descendant in Daniel's line this can be tested. If it turns out that many of his descendants have Middle Eastern DNA it might be possible to find where he matches. If you are a descendant of Thomas Bills, Daniel Bills, Captain Denman (Daniel grew up and married the ship Captain's daughter), or if you have any interest or any information that would be useful, please join.



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