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The Shores Surname Project


We have multiple objectives for the Shores surname project. First, we want to confirm existing paper trail records of any and all willing participants with the aid of this test. Secondly, by bringing together participants from as many branches as possible, we hope to fill in the blanks and break through existing brick walls by sharing our information with everyone. Photographs, records, stories, all are welcome to be submitted to the project. The speed and accuracy of our success is dependent upon the ongoing and continuing addition of new participants from any and all Shores branches. Nearly all indications of links to Shores branches point to migrational ports of entry by early Shores families into colonial America somewhere between Boston and North Carolina before 1775. To support this theory, current records indicate ties to Shores families before 1820 in Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. The project is open to anyone with possible family ties that wishes to confirm that possibility via the Y-chromosome test. This is a test for males only, with the Shores surname.



Other surnames in Project

Schauer, Scheuer, Schoors, Shoares, Shoars, Shor, Shore, Shores, Shorr, Shouse, Shoyer

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