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The Shue Surname Project


There is a profusion of anglicised versions of the Germanic surnames Schuh and Schuey, e.g., Shue/Shuh/Shoe/Shew/Shuey/Shewey/Schuck/Shuck. This has caused much confusion for family historians. Many of us without verifiable paper trails have depended on oral history for our ancestral linkage, and have found this to be inaccurate. We hope that Y-DNA testing will help to identify and distinguish the family groups that are descendants of families who were living in Lancaster and York Counties in Pennsylvania, along the Shenandoah River, Virginia in the late 18th and early 19th century. The paternal progenitors of these family lines are: ? Johann "Jacob" Schuh, who came to America with his father Ulrich in 1733. These men were mentioned in the records of the Ephrata Cloister (a religious commune) in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They were from Iggelheim, Ludwigshaven, Rhineland, Germany. ? Daniel Shuey who came to Pennsylvania in 1733 from the French/German border in Europe. ? Zachariah Shuh/Shue, who appears in York County c. 1759. ? John and Martin Shuck/Shue of Northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, c. 1770 ? Jacob Schuh who died in the Shenandoah, Virginia around 1785. (The Jacob who died in Shenandoah County, Virginia, and Ulrich Schuh's son, Jacob, may be the same person.) As the descendants of the Shuey and Schuh immigrants migrated from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, the spelling of the surnames evolved, e.g.: ? going southward to North Carolina and Tennessee, the surname became Shoe or Shew ? going westward to Ohio, Illinois and Indiana, the surname became Shue ? going northward to Ontario, the surname became Shuh DNA has finally given us a tool to sort out this confusion and help us identify which of the many ancestral possibilities we each can claim. This project is limited to those whose surnames we have listed, unless administrator permission is obtained.



Other surnames in Project

Schuck, Schuh, Shew, Shewey, Shoe, Shuck, Shue, Shuey, Shuh

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