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The Shuman Surname Project


Various spellings of the surname SHUMAN are found throughout the world today, with most family members agreeing it is of Germanic origin. In the United States there are nearly a dozen different spellings, with more than 20 Earliest Known Ancestors. Many of these entered Pennsylvania or Virginia during the early 1700s, although immigrations have continued until more recent times. Traditional research methods have been unsuccessful in demonstrating positive relationships between most of these immigrants. The Shuman Project seeks to support Shuman researchers by using the latest technology to help: 1) identify others who are related 2) validate existing research 3) solve brick walls in researching Shuman lines 4) prove or disprove theories regarding ancestors We are presently most interested in Y-DNA research, although all the other options offered by FT DNA will be available to those who wish to take those tests. This project welcomes all surname spelling variations. Please use the link shown above to visit the Shuman Family website for further information about ongoing research and other Shuman projects to join.



Other surnames in Project

Scheman, Schuhmann, Schuman, Schumann, Sewman, Shöman, Sheman, Shewman, Shoeman, Shueman, Shuman, Shöman, Suman

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