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The Simonton Surname Project


The purpose of this group is by DNA determine common ancestors that came to America with the Surname of Simonton or similar spelling from 1718 to 1900. Second will be to determine if there was a common ancestor in Ulster, North Ireland between 1622 and 1800. Third will be to determine if there is common ancestry between Symington and Simonton in Scotland. and fourth will be to determine if there is a common ancestory with the Dixson, Dickson families of Scotland which would relate back to 1309 to Richard Dicson and his Ilk. In America there are Simonton families in Maine, New Jersey, Pennsalviana, North Carolina, and South Carolina between 1718 and 1800 that may be related with a common ancestor where there is no documentary proof. This DNA method of comparison will hopefully inidcate if there was this common ancestry. Anyone with a similar spelling of the name and has a direct Male Simonton (of this ILK) is encouraged to join this group and take a 25 marker test and compare the DNA re



Other surnames in Project

Simanton, Simington, Siminton, Simonton, Symington

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