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The Siver Surname Project


The Siver Surname is open to all males with the SIVER or Seibert surname in the world. The immediate objective of this project is to use Y-DNA testing to identify the families who are descendants of Johann Martinus Seibert and his wife, Anna Maria, who arrived in this country in what is now New York State as part of the German Palatine immigration in 1709, and to bring together those members with common ancestry. Due to the westward movement and loss of paper records, there are family ties that have been lost in history, and with Y-DNA technology some of these ties can be re-established. Through DNA, we have overcome brick walls. I have also discovered how the name Seibert became Siver in the first generation born in this country. There are relatively few Sivers in the United States, and this name change occurred only here. However, through DNA testing, people who had no idea when their ancestors arrive here or where they came from, have found they are related to me. In addition, people with the last name Seibert who came to this country after my original ancestor have also been found to have perfect matches with us. Because of their later date of entry, there was no reason to change the spelling of the name. We have also discovered matches in Russia and Sweden, and in discussing their family trees have found evidence of when our ancestors first went in different directions in seeking a new life.



Other surnames in Project

Schiller, Seibert, Shtrunov, Siver

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