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The Slecht Surname Project


This project is a catalogue of Y-DNA profiles of men bearing variants of the surname 'Slecht.' 'Slecht' is a surname which originated in Northern Europe. Historical references show the occurrence of the variants of the etymological root of this name as early as the beginning of the Common Era, and the occurrence of this specific surname as early as the 13th century. One such family 'Slecht' flourished in the Netherlands, beginning in the 15th century and probably earlier. Some descendants of Floris Dirkszoon (Slecht), who lived in 1463, at Woerden, South Holland, immigrated to the Dutch and British Colonies in North America during the 17th century. Some members of this family have tested Y-DNA to validate genealogy and discover the ancient origin of the ancestors of Floris Dirkszoon (Slecht). Surname variants listed in Group Information are associated with this Dutch family. This project is open to men of all Haplogroups with a variant of this surname. Project applicants with a surname variant that is not listed are welcome. Other variants could include: affixes (Schl, Scl), vowels (ae, i, ij, y), and 'hard' postfixes (c, h, k, t, x, tt, ch, cht, ck) to include suffixes (e, en). The goal of this project is to identify and differentiate families with this surname in order to clarify and assign the historical record to the proper family or appropriate branch.



Other surnames in Project

Slacht, Slack, Slaght, Slagt, Slecht, Slechte, Slechten, Sleght, Slegt, Slegte, Sleight

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