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The Snell Surname Project


If you want to contact the project administrator, please do so at email address: (at) The Snell DNA Project is for all who wish to work together to find their common heritage through DNA testing and sharing of information. All variant spellings are welcome. If your surname spelling is missing, we'll be glad to add it. While the first five participants are from the family of Thomas Snell of Warwickshire, England, and Bridgewater, Massachusetts, we would welcome other participants from other European origins. The Snell study is primarily a surname study, meaning that it tests for the Y-DNA that travels down the male line. If a Snell female wants to test her mother's mitochondrial DNA, she can do that, and take advantage of the group rates available through the Snell project, but the mtDNA results will be irrelevant to the surname study's main purpose. That's okay, but it just needs to be understood before anyone orders a test. Imagine a pedigree chart. The Y-DNA will trace the top line of that, through the father's father's father's father's father.... And the mtDNA will trace the bottom line, through the mother's mother's mother's mother's mother.... With a haplogroup as large as the R1b1 type, it is highly recommended that any new members go ahead and order the Y-DNA37 -- or the Y-DNA67 if desired. I have seen matches on 12 markers in other surname projects fall apart over 37 markers, so a match on 12 markers is not definitive. It is easier and less expensive to order all 37 at once, rather than do it in parts. However, if 12 markers are all you want to do, 12 markers are better than none.



Other surnames in Project

Schnell, Shnell, Snell, Snelling

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