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The Soule Surname Project


Welcome to this international Y-DNA project! The first in New England was George Soule, who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 as a servant to relatively wealthy Pilgrim Edward Winslow. As descendants spread west from New England to Canada and other foreign countries, the surname modulated and includes Sole, Soules, and Sowles.Many of George Soule's descendants have joined the Mayflower Society in Plymouth MA. This Society is in the process of publishing the descendants from George Soule though the first six generations. As part of this Five Generations Project, the newer work on the descendants of George Soule superceeds the older works by Ridlon, and also by the Mayflower Society. The soft-cover pink booklets of this publication series are a work in progress and documented additions and corrections are always accepted. Send such materials to: Soule MFIP, c/o Director, Five Generations Project, P.O. Box 3297, Plymouth MA 02361The Soule Kindred in America, formed in 1967, is a non-profit organization with members in France, Great Britain and Canada as well as the United States. Membership is not limited to persons with the surname Sole, Soule, Soules, Sowl, Sowle, or Sowles. To join, contact Soule Kindred in America, 53 New Shaker Road, Albany NY 12205 ($25/yr). Scholarships ($1000) are available from the Soule Kindred in America for proven descendants of George Soule. The Y-DNA test results from proven descendants will be matched with Y-DNA test results from other proposed descendants, and from persons in the UK. It is thus hoped to identify more descendancies from George Soule and to establish his parentage. The Sole Society, founded in 1991, promotes world-wide research for families with the surnames Sole, Saul, Sewell, and Soll(e)y and variants. Their publication, Soul Search, appears on their website: the help of The Sole Society, and others, it is hoped to identify the origin of George Soule (b. ca 1601).



Other surnames in Project

Manchester, Salis, Salish, Saul, Sewell, Sol, Soldt, Sole, Soles, Solis, Solley, Solls, Sols, Soltz, Soul, Soule, Soules, Sowle, Sowles, Swole, van Soldt, van Zwoll, Zol, Zwol

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