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The Springer Surname Project


We are trying to confirm a genetic ROOT link with any Springer's in the USA or abroad. There are at least 14 Springer groups or (clans or pods) that seem to be linked but not proven on paper. We are trying to unravel this quest by utilizing modern DNA testing to accomplish this goal. We are re-focusing our research to 1500 to 1850 as our time frame. Geographic Localities of Our Focus: 1. All of Early New England 2. Mid-Atlantic Areas 4. Southern USA 5. West Indies (Islands)6. Great Britain/Ireland/Scotland/Iceland 7. France/Germany/ 8. Other parts of the World. When YOU finally submit your DNA results to the (genetic database)that is when you begin to discover others who match your specific genetic patterns who are genetically related. I found blood relatives currently residing in Western Europe; Germany, Iceland, England, Ireland, Scotland and mid-eastern Africa who did not have the same surname but match genetically. That was a total surprise! THE MORE PARTICIPATES, THE MORE RESULTS WE HAVE TO COMPARE. The DNA testing helps unravel mysteries that you can not find in vital records or other past sources. I was able to connect to several persons who I know were related but could NEVER find that solid paper trail. We have now refocus are energies and research into a specific geographic areas instead of the entire eastern part of the USA. Monthly I discover people who match my genetic code both on my mother's and father's side of my family because I did ALL the DNA testing and submit the data to the Family Tree DNA Database. I did not do all testing at one time, but in stages I could financial plan and also comprehend the wealth of information avialable.



Other surnames in Project

Bartlett, Bird, Bowes, Carlsson, Carroll, Crow, Dooley, Feister, Flanagan, Irving, Lee, Maloney, Martin, McKenzie, Mullin, Mullins, Nash, Nesbitt, Pendergast, Pound, Powell, Prendergast, Purcell, SMITH, Spivey, Springast/Springhast, SPRINGER, Young

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