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The Staats Surname Project


Project start date: August, 2008 The Staats surname carries a very proud and deep history - especially in the United States. It is very unique and uncommon among surnames. It has origins that are northern German and Dutch and is the 8,023rd most common surname, comprising 0.001% of the total population in the U.S. The project has multiple goals. The most important goal we have is to help people, who join this project, discover their deepest ancestral roots and their relations within the Staats families. Here is a brief summary of project goals: Discover possible relation between Jan Pieterszen Van Huysen(van Husum) of Husum, Denmark (now Germany) and Abraham Staats of Holland - both of whom immigrated to New Holland (New York) in the 17th century. Solve the mystery of who the father of Peter Staats of Gowanus is. We know the father is either Pieter Staats (son of Pieter Janse Staats) or Jan Janse Staats (son of Jan Pieterszen). Discover if their is a relation between one of the Staats lines and the Storts line. Please visit the Staats project page for more information.



Other surnames in Project

Staas, Staat, Staats, Staatz, Stadts, Staes, Staet, Staets, States, Stats, Statts, Stots, Stotts, Stotz

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